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Side Effects and Risks

Occasionally in the press someone states very publicly that Chiropractic treatment, or more specifically Chiropractic manipulation of the neck, is dangerous and carries many risks to the patient. This is categorically untrue and is usually based upon misrepresentation of research, or simple ignorance.

Previous studies have reported that there may be a link to a vertebral or carotid artery dissection and stroke following cervical manipulation. Although Chiropractic treatment (ie that the person had been to a Chiropractor before the incident) is associated with these studies they never conclude that Chiropractic treatment had been the ultimate cause of the stroke. Mainly it is a coincidence and in fact that patient would have suffered a stroke anyway due to a genetic soft tissue dysfunction.

Some important research into the safety and benefits of neck manipulation has shown that Chiropractic neck manipulation is a very low-risk treatment if performed by a skilled manipulator, such as a Chiropractor. 

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