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Ethan Charlesworth

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Ethan Charlesworth

In my amateur career I was both Featherweight and Lightweight champion at Shock nd Awe, holding both belts at the same time over having 5 of the hardest fights that no one else wanted to take! I have been training out of multiple gyms all over the UK for years before that training, fighting and living in Australia plus being in training camps in Thailand. Further I have worked a lot with different gyms in London (London Shootfighters and Urban Kings). I am now the head MMA trainer at South Moreton boxing club. In my time in this role I have been able to triple the size of the class in a year and now we have finally had investment in the room, I can now have a real MMA gym that I can use to grow my sport. My professional goals this year are to win 4 fights in a row, which will set me up to be able to call out some big names next year, keep growing my classes and to always grow spiritually.

My Chiropractic work that I have had at The Back Pain Centre in Steventon, Oxford under John Bradford was the only treatment I have experienced that really improved my full range of motion with my kicks, punch and knees as well as ridding me of a left shoulder and low back/hip problem! My nervous system is now able to flow properly and smoothly and I really do feel with the treatment I have received that I am able to push myself to new and higher levels in training and go to my maximum degree. This has all been because of my rehab work and treatment with The Back Pain centre over the last 4 years. Thank you. 


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