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How Does It Work

The Chiropractor’s main modality is a joint manipulation procedure, which is typically referred to as an ‘adjustment’. In addition to the adjustment treatment you receive at the clinic, you may be given advice and instructions for home treatment between visits. These treatments commonly include therapeutic exercises and/or stretches, mobilisation of soft tissue, diet recommendations and the application of hot and cold packs. All of which will be clearly explained prior to you leaving the clinic.

Once you have been thoroughly assessed and an in-depth medical history (related to the problem) has been discussed, your Chiropractor will be able to identify your needs and apply specific adjustments to your body. By doing this the Chiropractor gently moves joints and the surrounding soft tissue in an attempt to restore normal joint and soft tissue function. The adjustment may be accompanied by a pop or ‘clicking’ noise. This is normal, and is due to a release of gases (nitrogen) in the joint due to a sudden pressure change (negative) and is called a cavitation.

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