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After completing the necessary number of visits outlined by your Chiropractor to achieve good spinal alignment and function, the home exercises being understood and accomplished, your Chiropractor will recommend a maintenance programme involving a treatment every 8-12 weeks. The exact frequency is personalised for each patient and aggravating life factors, such as type of work, age, health and stress levels will be used to determine treatment frequency.

Maintenance treatment will involve an updated case history to establish any changes in your physical health and any trauma/accidents occurring since your last visit.

A physical assessment will be made to establish any spinal and/or skeletal misalignments/dysfunctions.

Your Chiropractor will then explain what he has found occurring with your body and how this relates to your health and symptoms. He will then treat you to help guide your body back to normal alignment and to help remove symptoms.

Your home exercise routine and any further lifestyle adaptations will then be discussed. The purpose of maintenance treatments is to minimise any symptoms from developing and to help optimise your health.

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